• Power: 0.55KW   240v   1-phase
  • Noise: ≤60dB 
  • Weight: 55 Kgs
  • Air Capacity: 24700 m³/h
  • Dimension: 1060×1060×400MM
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With greenhouses and glasshouses in Australia you will be battling the elements to try and maintain the ideal conditions for your research or production crops and it is difficult to get your own way all of the time.

However we can supply you with equipment and information so that you get your own way most of the time.

Like cooling down an office with an air conditioner, a greenhouse can be cooled using an exhaust fan. Exhaust fans, also referred to as extraction fans, will decrease the susceptibility to diseases caused by high temperatures within the greenhouse and reduce the stress levels for the plants.

The exhaust fan enables you to cool your climate and refresh the air in your greenhouse frequently and will reduce the nasty bugs affecting your environment.


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