Pineapple Tower Kit Includes:

  • 6 Tier Pineapple Tower, can hold 48 Plants.
  • Click together white tower pieces.
  • Black Base & Lid.
  • Internal platforms pieces (to catch water under the pots)
  • Plastic net plant pots with Sponge.
  • PVC Spray system.
  • 24V DC Pump (28.8W Power – 450L/H Flow) with power supply.
  • Digital timer.
  • Wheeled base for easy rotation/movement.
  • Filter Cover and Bag to cover Pump.
  • Bottom Valve – For easy drainage.
  • 56 x 56 x 112mm assembled
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Coming with everything needed to run the unit the tower kits can be a great addition to your garden or house.

Included in the kits:

  • Flat packed tower that is easy to assemble. The tower pieces simply pop together to make each layer.
  • Optional ‘platforms’ for the pots to sit in, or water will run freely.
  • Pump and timer, set it up and you only need to top it up with water every few days.
  • Wheeled Base to allow for easy rotation.

Encourage plant growth by adding an aquaponics specific nutrient your unit.
For outside or inside use (as long as the lighting is adequate).

Great for herbs, leafy vegetables, strawberries and the like!

Coming in three sizes:
6 tier:  holds 48 plants.
8 tier: holds 64 plants
10 tier: holds 80 plants.



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