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Clay pebbles can be used in many ways, both ornamental and to enhance the living conditions of your potted plants.

  • Drainage – All you need to do is pour a layer about an inch or two thick (3 to 4 centimetres) at the bottom of the container (pot, garden box, or what ever you are growing in) and this will increase air circulation, protect the roots and in turn help plant growth.
  • Repotting – To spur the growth of roots, it can be a good idea to mix clay pebbles into your special repotting soil mix to about 10% of the total volume.
  • Decoration – For all your indoor plants, but also for outdoor garden boxes and pots, clay pebble is extremely ornamental. A surface layer about 1¼ to 1½ inches (3 to 4 cm) thick will highlight the color of the plants.
  • Humidity – On top of being truly beautiful to look at, clay pebbles excel at keep the air around the plant moist. Many houseplants come from the tropics, where air humidity is naturally high.
  • Moisture – Water retention is important for plants to survive when the weather is hot. Adding clay pebbles in the soil is a great way to regulate soil moisture. Water seeps into the pebble and accumulates there. When the soil is dry, water is released to nearby plant roots.

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