36W Grow light

Standard E27 Fitting,

Full Spectrum LED (4000k)

Ceramic Housing

100% Australian Owned & Operated

3 Years Warranty

Covers approximately 300x300mm area at around 500mm high

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Introducing Empyrean Lightings Full Spectrum LED Globe E27, the ultimate solution for unparalleled plant growth. Cutting-edge technology ensures optimal light spectrum with ease of use in mind, these LED Globes screw into your existing lamp shades, seamlessly transforming any space into a thriving garden. Experience the future of indoor gardening!
Key Features & Benefits:

E27 Fitting: Our full Spectrum LED globe comes with the standard E27 fitting, making it compatible with a wide range of fixtures, lamps, and setups. Enjoy Hassle-free installation and flexibility in your indoor gardening space.
Full Spectrum LED (4000k): Experience the power of an ultra-high quality 4000k Full spectrum LED, meticulously designed to provide the optimal light spectrum for an extensive range of growing, from seedlings to mature plants, our LED supports every growth stage.
3 Years Warranty: We stand by the quality and durability of our product with a generous 3-year warranty. Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected, and our support team is here to assist throughout your growing journey.
Ceramic Housing: Superior thermal management, ensuring consistent and efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating which extends the lifespan of the LED’s
Versatile Growing Applications: Whether you’re nurturing a lush indoor garden, cultivating specific plant varieties, or creating stunning green walls, our Full Spectrum LED globe is versatile enough to meet a broad range of growing.
100% Australian Owned & Operated

Explore the endless possibilities for your unique plant projects, happy growing!


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