Re-covering of Plastic Greenhouses

Having been involved in the industry for more than 30 years we can offer this service with confidence and put the right crew on site to complete the job. We have a good range of Greenhouse film up to 14m wide and the access equipment to suit most structures as well as replacement clip for most systems. Limitations – All jobs must be accessible safely so the works can be completed in a manner acceptable with Worksafe.

Re cladding of Polycarbonate Greenhouses or Conversion to Plexiglass

Existing Polycarbonate can now only be regarded as a maximum 10 year product with most brands yellowing after 5 or 6 years due to higher UV light levels in Australia. We can improve on that with a multiwall polycarbonate that is UV treated both sides and carries a 15 year warranty. If you require a longer term solution a good alternative if your budget will permit would be to fit Plexiglass Resist which is available in a twin wall 8mm or 16mm sheet thickness with a 30 year warranty against yellowing.

Re-covering of Shade Houses or Conversion to Screen Houses

We can re-cover shade houses with any of a large range of knitted shade cloth either as an “off the roll” or sewn cover. Bearing in mind that some of the darker coloured shade cloths actually absorb heat in summer it can be more effective to fit an external thermal screen that will also reduce the heat in the shade house and to improve conditions overnight in winter.

Retrofit Thermal Screen Systems and Replacement Screen Material

We can retrofit screen systems to your existing greenhouse/glasshouse either as an internal or external screen as a manual, push/pull or cable drive system. The external screen can be fixed or moveable.

Available Materials:

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